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We bring industry experience as well as experience in providing capital resources through an international network of affiliates and funds. Our approach is to provide guidance from transaction strategy, developing sound financial models and presenting the opportunities to the market to enable operators to accomplish their vision and commercial goals.

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In the ever changing world of Clean Technology there are many roads a new can travel to realize growth. Business savvy leaders understand that global expansion can offer substantial new opportunities for their product or service. While the idea of expanding to new markets is obvious the methods for doing this may not be so clear. At Chimney Rock we can support companies in exploring avenues that establish their presence within targeted international markets.

No journey into uncharted waters should be undertaken without a navigator with proven expertise. Our backgrounds and experience as owners of companies, corporate development and operating executives augment your team and assure your success.
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Harnessing our planet’s abundant, free and renewable natural resources without harming the environment holds the greatest potential for eliminating our dependence on fossil fuels. It has been proven in many parts of the world that with the right incentives there is enormous potential for job creation and profits from renewable energy. Combine this with the fact that demand for energy and its price are projected to increase continuously into the very distant future and you have an industry with exceptional potential

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